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  • Category: Steel Pipe Clamps
  • Part Number: 50

Fig. 50 Standard Riser Clamp

Empire’s Fig. 50 Standard Riser Clamp is designed for supporting and stabilizing vertical pipe runs. Plastic coated riser clamps are completely plastic coated with zinc plated hardware. The plastic coating prevents pipe from coming in contact with the clamp and is designed to reduce noise, vibration and prevent electrolysis between pipe and clamp. Stainless steel riser clamps are recommended for applications where protection from a corrosive environment is required.


Competitor Part Number: 261, 126, B3373, 6300, 6200, 510, W500, 420, 550, 551, 6, CT-121, 124, B3373CT, 6400, 511, W505, 420, 552, 126PVC, B3373C, 520, 420, 553, 6PVC, 261ss, 6ss

Specifications and Submittals

  • Empire Figure 50 – Standard Riser Clamp Submittal
  • Empire Figure 50CT – Copper Tubing Riser Clamp Submittal
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