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  • Category: Swivel/Loop Hangers
  • Part Number: 31

Fig. 31 Band Hanger

Empire’s Fig. 31 Band hanger is designed for the suspension of non-insulated stationary pipe lines. The plastic coated band hanger protects the pipe from the steel surface of the hanger and is designed toreduce noise, vibration and prevents electrolysis between pipe and the hanger. Stainless Steel hangers are recommended for applications where protection from corrosive environments is required.


Competitor Part Number: 1a, 1act, b3172, b3172ct, 105, 106, BLK-180, EG 181, 182, 2WON, w330,

Specifications and Submittals

  • Empire Figure 31- Band Hanger Submittal
  • Empire Figure 31CT / 31CTI – Copper Plated / Copper-Gard Band Hanger for Copper Tubing Submittal
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