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  • Category: Split Ring Hangers
  • Part Number: 41h

Fig. 41H Hinged Split Ring Hanger

Empire’s 41HT Hinged Split Ring Extension Hanger is designed for the horizontal or vertical suspension of non-insulated stationary pipe lines.


Competitor Part Number: 138R, 81, B3198H, 5000, 5100, 455, W760, 100, 508R, 302, CT-138R, 81CT, B3198HCT, 5200, 456, W765, 100, 512H, 301CT

Specifications and Submittals

  • Empire Figure 41H – Split Ring Extension Hanger, Hinge Design Submittal
  • Empire Figure 41HCT – Split Ring Extension Hanger, Hinge Design for Copper Tubing Submittal
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Additional Information

  • Copper Tubing Data (Types L & K)
  • Residential Flyer

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