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  • Category: Ceiling Plates & Flanges
  • Part Number: 41a

Fig. 41A Hanger Flange Plate

Empire’s Fig. 41A Hanger Flange Plate is designed for attaching hanger rod to wood beams, ceilings, walls and floors. Stainless flange plates are reccommended for applications where protection from a corrosive environment is required.


Competitor Part Number: 128R, 85, B3199, 3700, 3710, 365M, W750, 105, BLK-940, ZN-941, 78, CT-128R, 85CT, B3199CT, 3720, 365M (CP), W750 (3), 105, 942, B3199, 5300, 105 904

Specifications and Submittals

  • Empire Figure 41A – Hanger Flange Plate Submittal
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